Teaching materials “Laugh”

Free teaching materials for intercultural learning that are fun and make you laugh

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within the framework of the cross-border school project “Lachen”, supported by the (then) Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture

Laughter can defuse conflicts

It is a truism that living together in a community always creates conflictual situations. But who hasn’t had the experience that the tension that has arisen is released and a positive feeling of community suddenly arises when someone can make us laugh just when we are in a situation?

Laughter as a contribution to intercultural understanding

The project “Laughter” is based on the assumption that humor can make an essential, but above all pleasurable contribution to intercultural understanding. This collection makes the resulting methods and teaching materials accessible to teachers in Austria, Turkey and beyond who wish to deepen intercultural dialogue through laughter and work on the topics of “Laughter” and “Intercultural Learning”.

“The chances of the cross-border school project lie in the fact that you can discover and present yourself non-verbally, to get to know, admire, question, discuss the creativity of others; exchange and communication across borders are always interesting!”

Erna Sterneck,
Teacher BRG Polgarstraße