Teacher further training “I am many! Identity and personality development”

Seminar in cooperation with the Vienna University of Education

Seminars & Trainings
Diversity, Education, Intercultural Competences

Target group

Primary and secondary school teachers

You would like to promote a positive approach to diversity and receive impulses for diversity- sensitive teaching? In cooperation with the University College of Teacher Education Vienna, IZ offers trainings for teachers. The seminars offer background information on the topics of diversity and prejudice-conscious education, methodical examples, space to exchange experiences and suggestions for working together successfully in an intercultural context.


Life in the classroom is characterised by diversity. Students of different origins, religions, with different biographies and personalities learn and play together. In the seminars, exercises and methods are introduced which enable the participants to take a conscious look at the identity of the students and to make diversity in class a topic. Similarities are prioritised, differences fade into the background.


Pädagogische Hochschule
Grenzackerstraße 18
1100 Vienna