School workshop “Talking to each other”

(Almost) free, interactive school workshop that promotes communication and conflict skills and the psychosocial health of Viennese pupils*.

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Target group

Students* (11-19 years)
of Viennese schools


At this school workshop, which is sponsored by ÖGK and the City of Vienna, the pupils* expand their communicative skills (e.g. ego-messages, active listening) and are sensitized for respectful interaction in class. The workshop focuses on games and exercises that enable the students to experience the effects of language. Depending on the age group, different focuses are set and age-appropriate methods and examples are used.


Schools are places of encounter and cooperation. For a respectful exchange and peaceful encounters, communicative skills and a constructive approach to conflicts are of great importance. In the workshop “Talking to each other!” the pupils* expand their skills and knowledge in a playful way. Through practical exercises the students experience how difficult interpersonal communication can be. They find answers to questions like: How do I behave in conflict situations? How does communication influence my relationships? How can I communicate non-violently/sympathetically? How does body language work? And what intercultural differences are there?


3 teaching units
à 50 minutes


Funding by the ÖGK
Deductible of 21 Euro


  • Getting to know the basics of human understanding (communication theories such as transmitter-receiver model, 4 ears model by Schulz von Thun)
  • Recognize ambiguity of language
  • Reflection of your own communication and conflict behaviour
  • Learn about intercultural differences in communication
  • To promote respectful interaction and empathy
  • Strengthen communicative skills (e.g. active listening, ego messages, non-violent communication)

Apply for funding

In order to get the workshop at the low grant price, you must submit a grant application to the ÖGK within the given grant deadlines.


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