School Workshop “Respect in the Web – Countering Prejudice, Cyber Bullying and Hate Speech”

(Almost) Free, interactive school workshop about respect on the web and against prejudice, cyberbullying and hate speech, which promotes a positive approach to the Internet and the psychosocial health of Viennese pupils*.

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Target group

Teachers of Viennese schools (all types of schools)


In this school workshop, sponsored by ÖGK and the City of Vienna, the pupils* deal with their media consumption and address challenges (in their interaction, for health, etc.). In group work they show dangers in the net (from mobbing to hate speech) as well as protection possibilities and present their results to the class. Depending on the age group, different focuses are set and age-appropriate methods and examples are used.


The Internet and digital media are present everywhere. They influence the everyday life of young people, their communication, their interaction and their opinions. In the workshop “Respect on the Net – Against Prejudice, Cyberbullying and Hate Speech” the students* will deal with their personal media consumption and reflect on dangers such as cyberbullying, hate speech and fake news. Interactive exercises enable a critical examination of media images. The adolescents reflect on how prejudices arise and what dangers they can bring with them – from the devaluation of “foreign” people, stereotypical media portrayals of certain groups to hate speech on the Internet and discrimination.


4 teaching units
à 50 minutes


free of charge
(supported by the ÖGK)


  • Knowledge gain: cyber-bullying, hate speech, legal bases, discrimination, counseling centers, etc.
  • Promote a critical approach to media and reflect on one’s own media consumption
  • Raising awareness of the dangers and challenges that exist in the network
  • Address health risks (psychological and physical) of excessive media consumption, bullying, exclusion and insults
  • Collaborate and present a topic together

Apply for funding

In order to get the workshop at the low grant price, you must submit a grant application to the ÖGK within the given grant deadlines.


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