School Workshop “Me & Diversity”

(Almost) free, interactive school workshop on the topic of diversity, which promotes a positive approach to diversity and the psychosocial health of Viennese pupils.

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Target group

Students* (15-19 years)
of Viennese schools


This school workshop, sponsored by ÖGK and the City of Vienna, helps students learn to value diversity and understand it as a resource. It sensitizes them to the diversity in ourselves and in society, addresses challenges (exclusion, discrimination, etc.) and promotes a prejudice-conscious approach. Depending on the age group, different focuses are set and age-appropriate methods and examples are used.


In the course of the “Me & Diversity” workshop, students deal with their personal identity as well as with different diversity dimensions (origin, gender, age, skin color, etc.). Interactive exercises encourage the students to reflect on their own views and personal experiences with diversity. The students deal with questions like: What makes up my identity? Which groups do I feel I belong to? How do prejudices arise and what dangers do they entail? How can good interaction succeed despite differences?


5 teaching units
à 50 minutes


Funding by the ÖGK
Deductible of 21 Euro


  • Dealing with one’s own identity and group affiliations
  • Sensitize young people to a prudent approach to diversity
    Imparting knowledge (diversity, anti-discrimination, prejudices, culture, etc.)
  • Reflection of own prejudices
  • Encourage appreciative interaction in the class
  • Discuss challenges and experiences (exclusion, bullying, discrimination, etc.)
  • Interactive exercises, exchange and a joyful togetherness

Apply for funding

In order to get the workshop at the low grant price, you must submit a grant application to the ÖGK within the given grant deadlines.


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