School Workshop “ExperienceDiversity”

(Almost) free, interactive school workshop on the topic of diversity, which promotes a positive approach to diversity and the psychosocial health of Viennese pupils.

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Target group

Students* (6-14 years)
of Viennese schools


In this school workshop, sponsored by ÖGK and the City of Vienna, the students* deal with the diversity that distinguishes us humans: Each of us is unique in our feelings, our appearance, our values, our abilities and needs. Children and adolescents are confronted with diversity every day in their everyday life and school life. The interactive and creative exercises of the workshop promote a sensitive handling of these differences, encourage discussion, bring joy and strengthen the community. Depending on the age group, different focuses are set and age-appropriate methods and examples are used.


During the workshop the students* first of all deal with their personal identity. They draw an “identity flower” and recognize their individuality and the diversity in the class. Questions like “What do we have in common? How do we differ? What do these differences mean for the way we deal with each other?” will be addressed. In the next step, exercises are conducted in which the students* record their personal strengths and talents. Together, the students then consider how respectful interaction can be strengthened in the classroom.


3 teaching units
à 50 minutes


Funding by the ÖGK
Deductible of 21 Euro


  • Dealing with one’s own identity
  • Creative design of an identity flower
  • Sensitize for a respectful interaction
  • Encourage an appreciative approach in the class
  • Dealing with challenges in class and society (exclusion, bullying etc.)
  • Learning to understand concepts such as diversity, bullying, discrimination, etc.
  • Interactive exercises and a joyful togetherness

Apply for funding

In order to get the workshop at the low grant price, you must submit a grant application to the ÖGK within the given grant deadlines.


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