School Team Workshop “Our School – Prejudice-Aware and Fit for Diversity!”

(Almost) free, interactive workshop for teachers that promotes a positive approach to diversity in your school.

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Target group

Teachers of Viennese schools (all types of schools)


In this school workshop, sponsored by ÖGK and the City of Vienna, teachers learn about the concept of prejudiced education, reflect on their own prejudices and deal with different dimensions of diversity (origin, religion, skin color, etc.) An interactive seminar that focuses on diversity in school!


Prejudices shape our perception, our togetherness and thus also the pedagogical everyday life. The seminar therefore focuses on practical exercises and methods that sensitize teachers to the diversity of the school and promote a sensitive handling of differences. Furthermore, materials for everyday school life are presented (games, exercises) and an exchange of experiences between the participants is made possible. In the context of group work, the participating teachers collect ideas for the implementation of their own school location. Which measures – e.g. in class, everyday school life, parental work, teacher team, public relations – can be taken to promote respectful cooperation in the school community and to make diversity a positive experience? How can and should school development take up this topic?


5 teaching units
à 50 minutes


Funding by the ÖGK
Deductible of 35 Euro


  • impart knowledge about prejudiced and diversity-oriented education
  • Collect possible measures for implementation at the school location
  • Teaching “Dealing with Diversity” as an important subject area in school development
  • Provide suggestions (methods, best practice, etc.) for a positive approach to diversity at school
  • Change of perspective and examination of own prejudices

Apply for funding

In order to get the workshop at the low grant price, you must submit a grant application to the ÖGK within the given grant deadlines.


in your school

Non-binding inquiry

At any time you can make a non-binding inquiry, discuss details and book a workshop. We would be pleased if you would like to promote the psychosocial health and diversity competence of your students.

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