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Free research reports about European youth work from the research network RAY (“Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of European Youth Programmes”)

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About RAY

European research network of national agencies for EU youth programs and research institutions from 34 countries

Research on European youth work

The European research network “RAY – Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of European Youth Programmes” was launched in 2008 on the initiative of the IZ and the Institute of Educational Science at the University of Innsbruck (since 2019: Genesis Research Institute). The aim of the research network is to research the impact of EU youth funding programs and to contribute to quality assurance and further quality development of these programs. Furthermore, RAY makes an important contribution to evidence-based youth policy and contributes to a better understanding of international youth work as well as the processes and effects of non-formal learning.

Research topics

The RAY network conducts research projects on various topics. Most of them are based on the EU youth funding programs “Erasmus+ Youth in Action” and “European Solidarity Corps”. However, the results also provide information about youth work in general. In some cases, youth work is also examined without being restricted to the EU programs, for example in the research project on youth work and COVID-19.


on all research projects, topics are for example youth work during COVID-19, youth participation and impact of the EU youth programs “Erasmus+ Youth in Action