Report “Balkan Refugee Trail – A Pathway for European Solidarity”

Kostenloser Bericht einer multinationalen Analyse zu zivilgesellschaftlichen Beiträgen zu Solidarität und Verantwortung in Bezug auf die Westbalkanroute

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July 2017

within the framework of the project “Balkan Refugee Trail

The crucial role of civil society

During the great influx of refugees, which many called the “refugee crisis”, civil society stood up and showed its support not only throughout Europe, but worldwide, for those who had to flee from war-torn, insecure and hostile regions. In particular, the months between August 2015 and early 2016 would simply not have been possible without this intervention and the active presence of civil society.


This report is based on a multinational analysis, in the course of which reports from seven countries were collected and compared by means of 38 interviews and three focus groups. The result is an overall view of the situation of refugees and the consequences and trends associated with it, which illustrates the role of civil society and highlights challenges.


Franjo Steiner (IZ)

During the crisis that followed – a crisis that could be called a political crisis and a “crisis of responsibility and solidarity” – civil society stood up, not only throughout Europe but worldwide, and showed its support for those who had to flee from war-torn, insecure and hostile regions.

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Danai Avgeri, Aleksandra Davidovska, Sena Maric, Miha Nabergoj, Victor Nagy, Spyros Vlad Oikonomou, Andjelka Pantović, Anna Schreilechner, Jana Sojanovic, Erin Traeger, Tea Vidović, Jovana Vincic


For example, positive approaches in the national asylum systems, cooperation and coordination mechanisms and different types of care for the refugees are discussed. The effects of the closure of the “Balkan route” will also be discussed, as well as how civil society perceives European solidarity in this regard.

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