Materials “Youth for Human Rights”

Free tips on how to address human rights in youth work – compiled within the framework of the project youth for human rights

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developed in the project “Youth for Human Rights” by IZ and seven other national agencies for EU youth funding.

Youth work and human rights

Human rights are important. That they are respected is crucial for all people. Young people are also dependent on having their rights taken care of and should understand the importance of human rights as a whole. It is therefore important that this topic is taken up in youth work and non-formal education and that it is brought to young people in an appealing way.

Tips for anchoring human rights in youth work

The materials of the project “Youth for Human Rights” give recommendations on how to anchor methods of human rights education in the youth sector – and specifically how to bring human rights closer to young people. This promotes understanding, tolerance and respect among young people.

“Young people must know human rights because they are the ones who will lead us to a freer and more just future.”

Conference participant of Youth for Human Rights