Manual “Innovative ways to motivate adults to learn”

Free manual with concrete innovative methods and strategies, how the motivation to learn can be promoted in adult education

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within the framework of the project “Create – Motivate – Learn”, funded by the European Commission

Factors for successful learning

Studies show that learning processes function better when they are characterized by intrinsic motivation and autonomous forms of extrinsic motivation. And will external control be introduced in most learning groups, which can undermine the psychological process of deep, high-quality learning. It has been proven that high motivation, self-regulated learning and better performance are created when learners experience independence, competence and connectedness.

Making innovative methods accessible

On the basis of these thoughts, the EU project “Create – Motivate – Learn” developed and tested innovative strategies, techniques and learning activities that anchor these aspects in the learning process and thus make a lasting contribution to learning motivation in adult education. These methods and strategies are to be disseminated through the handbook and made available to a large number of adult educators, trainers and teachers.


Ariana-Stanca Văcăreţu (Ed.)
Maria Kovacs (Ed.)
Franjo Steiner (Ed.)
Irmgard Demirol, Petra Beck, Margit Kreikenbom, Alessandro Melillo
Marie Marzloff, Simona-Elena Bernat
Inguna Irbite, Sandra Kalnina, Daiva Penkauskienė, Azucena Martínez Asenjo, Alica Petrasova, Marcela Maslova

This handbook aims to help adult educators to remove barriers to participation and to improve the quality of adult learning by motivating adults to learn.

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