Manual “I – You – We”

Free teaching suggestions and project ideas about diversity – for schools and youth work

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developed by the IZ within the project “Schule Grenzenlos! Global Learning, Diversity and International School Projects”; funded by the Austrian Development Agency

Children have to learn to deal with diversity

At present, our lives are characterized by diversity: People of different origin, religion, gender or age live, learn and work together. In order to be able to deal with this diversity, the promotion of corresponding competencies is of great importance. Schools play a decisive role in this. In school, children and young people can acquire skills that enable them to deal with diversity in a positive way and promote respect and tolerance.

Methods and projects to address diversity

This brochure aims to provide teachers and all those who work with children and young people with methods and project ideas that enable them to deal with diversity both locally and globally. The teaching methods and project proposals presented offer the opportunity to address issues such as cultural diversity, multilingualism, identity and discrimination.


Alice Scridon

“Understanding diversity and diversity does not mean just accepting the “other”, but rather, understanding the diversity of other people
and respect.”

Alice Scridon

Contribute to a school of diversity and respect!

With this brochure, the IZ invites its readers to create creative and participatory teaching units and to initiate (cross-border) projects. Take part and contribute together with your students to a school of diversity
and respect!

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