Intercultural Game Collection “BEŞTAŞ”

Free collection of 16 games from different countries – with instructions and video documentation – Overcome differences playfully

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Intercultural game collection

Games bring people together and build relationships – even across cultural boundaries. As part of a project, the IZ has therefore collected games with children and young people from different cultural backgrounds and compiled an intercultural collection of games. The games are explained with instructions and documented in videos.

Put what you have in common in front of what separates you

Many of the selected games are played in all parts of the world – from Turkey to Russia, Argentina, India and Austria. Even if the games have different names and perhaps slightly different rules, the common ground is still the main focus. Different languages, cultures, religions and traditions are no obstacle. The nature of the games is strongly influenced by the corresponding living environment in which they were created. Many of the games are very simple, hardly any materials are needed. Nevertheless, for some games it is not so easy to find enough space or the appropriate objects (e.g. very simple stones) in the city.


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Azem Olcay
Mari Steindl

“In the process of playing, children and young people also train or learn social skills by negotiating and establishing common rules.”

from the accompanying booklet