Handbook “Sustainability in Schools”

Free recommendations for successful and qualitative school partnerships worldwide

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School has been international for a long time

The international cooperation of schools has become an important part of the pedagogical school life. In the context of the internationalization of the school system, teachers organize a wide range of international activities, ranging from cross-border projects and class exchanges to contacts via the Internet.

About the manual

The handbook “Nachhaltigkeit macht Schule! Recommendations for Successful and Qualitative School Partnerships Worldwide” aims to provide educators who implement international school partnerships with suggestions for the development of sustainable and qualitative school partnerships. On the one hand, the handbook provides diverse background information on quality development in the context of international school partnerships, on the other hand, it presents practical tips, examples and above all recommendations for the design and implementation of successful school partnerships.


Alice Scridon (IZ)


(former) Federal Ministry for Education and Women

Goals of the manual

Even schools that have not yet started any international activities will find the handbook helpful in dealing intensively with the topic of internationalization and in defining areas to be worked on in the future. The guiding idea behind the creation of the handbook was to highlight opportunities and forms of international school partnerships, to sensitize them to an ongoing discussion of quality, and at the same time to leave room for their own design and implementation. The handbook provides a number of checklists as an analytical tool, on the basis of which it is possible to reflect and decide in which areas of one’s own school partnership further development should be initiated.

More and more teachers* and students* look beyond national borders when it comes to a topic dealt with in class and start international activities ranging from cross-border school projects, class exchanges or international work meetings to internships abroad.

Alice Scridon