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Every child has prejudices

Every adult and every child has prejudices. First of all prejudices offer us an important orientation. They enable us to reduce our complex reality and offer us orientation. The boundary to prejudice is crossed when “pre-judgments” are no longer regarded as provisional but are taken into consciousness as the sole reality in order to stabilize and legitimize our own image of the world and of ourselves.

The danger of prejudices

And this is where the real danger of prejudice arises. The negative evaluation of people and the devaluation of different social groups (e.g. people with dark skin color, migrants, people with experience of escape, homeless people, people with disabilities) can lead to exclusion, discrimination, mobbing or e.g. hate speech (hate speech) on the Internet.


Alice Scridon

“As early as four years old, children are able to differentiate social categories and prefer their own social group. These attributions create an apparent normality in which the challenges and power relations of our society are reflected.”

Alice Scridon