Platform for Social Change (Act II)

Educators for an Equitable Society: Stärkung lokaler Initiativen von Pädagog*innen im Kaukasus durch internationale Kooperation

Diversity, Education, Environment, Inclusion, Youth



Active educators play a crucial role in their communities as promoters of civic engagement and social responsibility. “Platform for Social Change – Educators for an Equitable Society” seeks to motivate and support educators in their efforts to get a community active on issues they are concerned with.

People are often unhappy about what is going on around them in their neighborhood or the wider community, but they think they are alone or not strong enough to address the problems they see – for example, how to make a community more inclusive, how to foster the feeling of togetherness and solidarity or how to tackle concrete social challenges.

Participating Countries:

Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Georgia, Russia, Tajikistan

Target group:

Active educators and their communities
In the course of the project “Platform for Social Change – Educators for an Equitable Society”, a core group of educators from formal and non-formal education across Eurasia has started to assemble their peers around the topics of “Environmental Awareness”, “Inclusion”, “Media Literacy and Civic Education”, and “Innovative Teaching”. They aim at strengthening local initiatives through international cooperation and exchange. Throughout 2019, they will set pilot initiatives around the four project topics and activate communities – including parents, teachers, administration, civic organisations, business – with a series of local activities in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Russian Federation and Tajikistan.


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