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We’re promoting diversity, dialogue and education.

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Franjo Steiner, Gertraud Illmeier und Daniela Mussnig beim IZ-Terassenfest 2019

Who we are

Curious? Let us tell you, who we are, how we work and what is important to us. We will also show you, which people form the IZ and share impressions from IZ history since 1987.

What we do

Our projects work on inclusion, peacebuilding and international networking, especially in our focus regions Caucasus and Balkans.

Junge Frau beim Projekt Aware and Active
03 Angebote Alice Scridon Hält Seminar Zu Interkultureller Kommunikation

What we offer

We offer trainings and seminars about diversity and intercultural competences  as well as free material about our focus topics. Come have a look!

What people say:

„IZ offers professional expertise on intercultural topics, runs projects and serves as an interface between politics and practice.“

Stefan Kühne,

„IZ stands for quality project work, international exchange at eye level and the courage to bring about a change in thinking by means of innovative ideas and approaches.“

Rebekka Zeilinger,
project manager and trainer

„IZ is a fixed component of Austrian civil society, contributing to living together with lots of creativity and joy!“

Peter Hofmann,
freelance trainer and consultant



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