All participants sit in a circle on the floor. They want to be accepted into a ZEN monastery and therefore they have to prove their ability of concentration and contemplation with the Yin & Yang ritual.

For the ritual only three movements/words are allowed:

  1. Hand palm on the head. Word: YIN
  2. Hand under the chin. Word: YANG
  3. Pointing at another person. No word

These three movements shall now be done consecutively by three different people:

The first person says YIN and puts his/her palm upon his/her head at the same time. Now attention! The next person will be the neighbour in whose direction the fingertips of the first person (still with the hand on his/her head) are pointing. So if I say YIN and put my right hand on my head my fingers will point to my neighbour at the left! He/she is now the one to say YANG and to put his/her hand under his/her chin. The person to whom his/her fingers show now has the task to point with his/her stretched arm to another person in the circle without saying a word. This person is the next to start with the YIN (hand on the head…), and so on.

If somebody makes a mistake, he or she will be sent back to the noisy outer world. This person can run around, call the others by their names, tell them that somebody is on the phone for them, and so on, in order to distract the players who are still left in the circle. The outer world will grow, because many people will make mistakes and it will become more and more difficult for the players in the circle to concentrate. Stop the game with applause when there are only about 5 players left.

Only rule: Do not touch players in the circle or cover their eyes.