• to reflect on competences and attitudes required for civil courage
  • to develop a deeper understanding of civil courage

Material needed

  • 1 big piece of paper (A2 or similar format)
  • markers
  • pins and a pinboard or scotch tape and a wall to hang messages
  • optionally: moderation cards or post-its


A pre-prepared poster (see template in annex) illustrates different parts of the human body (head, arms, torso, legs). Participants are invited to do a brainstorming regarding the personality traits of someone who is skilled in civil courage and acts accordingly. They write their ideas on (moderation or post-it) cards and the answers are then attached to the respective parts of the poster.

Suggestions for adaptations and variations

The methodology can also be used for brainstorming competences in other areas, e.g. volunteering.

Reference / original source of the method

The method was initially introduced at the „Bazar of Learning“ during the aces Kick-Off Meeting 2011 (back then on volunteering). It was also used at one of the Learning Places at the aces Academy 2016 (on civil courage).

Annex: Poster template