• to identify teachers‘ worries concerning their projects
  • to normalise their fears
  • to provide support
  • to explore potential solutions or support systems within their own environment
  • to explore the concept of safety within inclusion projects

Material needed

  • post-it notes and pens
  • set of associative cards


Step by step description

  1. Introduction (15 min)

    – Trainer welcomes participants
    – Participants are asked to say their name and the country they come from
    – Trainer introduces the workshop
    – Trainer asks participants to take care of their own limits, keep all information about others to themselves, say something in case they need additional support after the workshop

  2. Worries (40 min)

    – At first, participants should think about their social inclusion project and write down on a post-it note what worries them about it, which fears they have. (5 min)
    – Then, participants tell the whole group about their worries and the trainer categorises these worries – ’safety‘ is an own category. (20 min)
    – Trainer starts discussion: (15 min)
                        How did it feel to hear all these worries?
                        How do these fears influence you and your project?

  3. Break
  4. Handling worries (70 min)

    – Participants are asked to go into subgroups of 5 and each group receives one category of worries. They should discuss their category and find out what helps them when these worries are very present. How do they deal with worries? (35 min)
    – Groups share their coping mechanisms and the trainer adds ideas, if necessary. (35 min)
                        How do you usually handle worries in your own life?
                        How can you use these worries? How can they be helpful?

  5. Closing (20 min)
    Participants are asked to choose one associative card that represents their impression of this workshop (15 min)

Reference / original source of the method

This method was used at the aces – act local Academy 2017 in Senec by the facilitator Suncana Kusturin.

Further tips and resources