The participants stand in a big circle. The facilitator goes around and whispers animal names into the ears of the participants. For example: If you want to have 4 groups, you have to choose 4 animals (duck, sheep, cow, dog). You go around and whisper one animal/person (nobody else should hear what you say!). First person:“duck“, second person: “sheep”, third person: “cow”, fourth person: “dog” and from the beginning – fifth person: “duck”, and so on.
After that you explain that it’s night at the farm, there is no moonlight at all, and no electricity, and the animals want to find their “families”.

It is important for the facilitator to tell the participants that

  • they can choose if they want to close their eyes, or would prefer to cheat a little bit,
  • that they have to make the nois of the animal they represent (quaking, moohing, barking,…) until the end of the game (in order to help all animals to find their home),
  • that they should use their arms and hands in order to feel if somebody or something is approaching,
  • that he/she will take care of them and watch that nobody get losts or bumps into furniture.

After a lot of chaotic and loud animal noise you will have 4 nice groups.