The participants sit in an open chair circle facing a flipchart. The facilitator begins, writes down his/her name somewhere on the flipchart paper and says about his/her name whatever comes to his/her mind and what he/she wants to share with the others: e.g. why he/she got this name, why it is spelled that way (e.g. with a C and not with a K), what the name stands for, whether he/she likes the name, how other people call him/her (nickname),…
Afterwards the other participants also write their names on the flipchart and introduce themselves in the same way.

Suggestions for adaptations and variations

Instead of writing their names on the flipchart, the participants can write their names on a piece of paper (or a post-it note) provided and glue/stick it onto the flipchart. In a way, the participants will have some time to think about their names and prepare to step out. Additionally, they will be prepared and while gluing the paper/sticking the post-it note, the whole activity can be sped up as everyone will already be prepared.