Keep up the balloon / Balloon juggling and sorting


The group is divided into groups of 6-8 participants. Each group gets an inflated balloon and is asked to form a circle holding hands, to put the balloon in the air between each other and to keep it up in the air using the body part you call (e.g. knees, heads, etc.) without letting go of each other’s hands. They are to continue until you call out a different body part. If the groups are performing well, you can add 1-2 additional balloons to increase the difficulty.

Variation: Balloon juggling and sorting
Groups of 6-8 or more participants form a circle (this time without holding hands). Challenge participants to keep all balloons (1 per person) in the air. This gets the group moving and cooperating. Once they’ve got the hang of it, make it harder by adding more balloons or placing restrictions, e.g. no hands to keep balloons up.  Ask participants to keep juggling the balloons, but to sort them into colours (works best with large groups).

Material needed

  • Balloons