Use adhesive tape to create a very large piece or strip of paper. One after the other, the members of the group lie down on the paper in a position of their own choice (e.g. crouched position, with arms stretched out,…) Another participant draws the outlines of the person lying on the paper. The drawn outlines of the persons can overlap. When all the outlines are finished, the participant colour, paint in, inscribe,… the figures on the paper to create a colourful and expressive group picture.

Material needed

  • Large sheets of white wrapping paper
  • Adhesive tape
  • Colour pens, paint

Reference / Original source of the method

Rabenstein, Reinhold, René Reichel, Michael Thanhoffer: Das Methodenset. Band 1: Anfangen. Ökotopia Verlag, 1985.

Annex: Drawn illustration of how to make the group picture