The participants work in four groups, each analyzing gender roles from different perspectives.


  • to see different examples how gender is presented
  • to reflect upon own experiences
  • to report on findings which show examples of generalisation of gender roles
  • to see how gender roles are perceived by society

Material needed

  • Magazines, newspapers, catalogues etc.
  • Internet (optional)


Rearrange the tables in the classroom so that the students can work in 4 groups.

Step by step description

  1. Start with a general discussion on what gender roles are and how they are perceived by our society.
  2. Split the students into four groups and inform them that each group will work on a specific task.
  3. Provide each of the four groups with their specific instructions which are described in the annex. Group 1 (School) and group 2 (Friends) receive case studies and are supposed to come up with role plays in the end. Group 3 (Men and Women) and group 4 (Family) will first work with magazines and newspapers before illustrating their findings by living statues (image theatre).
  4. All groups come back to the plenary and present their work.

​Questions for debriefing

  • Did you enjoy the activity?
  • Were the questions difficult to answer?
  • What did you learn about the roles of girls and boys, men and women?
  • If you think of one day at school, can you identify signs of how gender is dealt with?
  • Does this have any influence on the chances of boys and girls?

Suggestion for variation

Use the internet for research in addition to magazines.

Reference / original source of the method

Katrin Lüth and Tibor Škrabský developed this activity for their workshop „Man, I feel like a Woman“ at the aces Kick-Off Meeting 2009 in St. Virgil (Salzburg), Austria.

Further tips and resources

Annex: Instructions for the four groups