The participants are divided into 2 groups of the same size, who locate themselves opposite of each other on the floor. Participants who already know each other should rather be in the same group. 2 trainers or participants hold a big blanket or linen between the 2 groups. Each group now chooses one person, who then has to silently move forward towards the sheet. At 1, 2, 3 the trainers/participants drop the blanket and the 2 chosen persons have to say the name of the person sitting opposite as quickly as possible. Whoever is faster may draw the “loser” over to his/her group. Then the “curtain” is lifted up again and two new people are chosen. The winning group is the one that has more (or all) people at the end (either by a time limit or when one group doesn’t have any members anymore).

Usually this is the last game of a getting-to-know round. It is necessary to have heard the names before and to have memorised them rudimentarily. Alternatively, the game can be played as an energizer.

Material needed 

  • 1 blanket/sheet