One relatively small, unbreakable object (such as a Frisbee, cardboard plate) is lying on the floor. There should be enough space for the entire group to circle up around the object. Each participant must choose a partner and line up opposite that partner in the circle. The goal is that each person touches the object and switches places with his/her partner without making any physical contact with anybody. The group as a whole must perform this task in a specific time. Time for discussions and strategy planning is given and the group has several chances to attempt the task trying to accomplish it in the shortest possible time.

Debriefing questions

  • How did you feel?
  • How well did the group cope with this challenge?
  • What the group was doing as you kept working to lower your time?
  • What were the different roles you took as you worked through the challenge?

Material needed

  • 1 relatively small, unbreakable object (e.g. a Frisbee, cardboard plate)