Teaching Materials “1914-2014 – Europe lost & found in war and peace”

Free manual with teaching materials on the First World War and its effects

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as part of the project “1914-2014: Europe lost & found in war and peace”, supported by the (then) Ministry of Education and Women and the Future Fund

War seems far away for many students

This manual was written in 2014, one hundred years after the outbreak of the First World War. A hundred years is an eternity for students*, perhaps their great-grandparents were still directly affected. But the echo of this war was immense and has shaped today’s Europe in many ways. After seventy years of peace in most of Europe, war seems far away and is hard to imagine for many young people. On the other hand, wars in Europe and its surroundings have been and are still being fought in the recent past.

Peace begins in personal action

The project “1914-2014: Europe lost & found in war and peace” assumes that peace begins with personal actions: understanding and respecting others, communicating well and overcoming differences are important starting points for this. If people are open to each other, they are much less likely to support a war in which others are judged on the basis of prejudice or propaganda.


Melanie Jacobs (Editor)
Barbara Hibbert
Robert Stradlin
Chris Rowe
Katie Hall
Kate Brennan
Martin Liepach

We often overlook the reverberation that this war had on Europe and the world and the diverse ways in which it shaped the Europe we know today. The First World War is a key event in the history of Europe in the 20th century.

Melanie Jacobs

About the manual

The handbook contains teaching materials that combine World War I with peace education. Multiperspective and interdisciplinary approaches are used. Each of the four chapters looks at the First World War from a different perspective and contains materials that allow both the examination of historical sources and reflection on one’s own actions and decisions as a contribution to peace. We also provide a scripted drama on the topic that can be used in class.