Study “Reconciliation Process in the Western Balkans and Turkey”

Qualitative Study on Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Turkey

Tools & Papers
Corporations, Individuals, Organisations & Charities
Balkans & Caucasus, Education, Peacebuilding



within the framework of the project “Divided Past – Joint Future

Evaluation of the peace process from the perspective of four sectors

The qualitative study “Process of Reconciliation in the Western Balkans and Turkey” takes a comprehensive look at the reconciliation process in the Western Balkans and Turkey. Citizens as well as representatives from politics, business and civil society were interviewed. The aim was to identify the links to the peace process and the corresponding opinions for all four sectors. In particular, the role of civil society was to be examined. In line with the vision of the project “Divided Past – Joint Future”, in the context of which the report was created, the idea of cross-sectoral cooperation is central.

Theory, research results & recommendations

The first part of the report offers a theoretical approach to peacebuilding; in particular, the concept of reconciliation is discussed. The second part describes the research methodology, and the third part contains the most important research findings of the countries. The fourth part of the report contains conclusions and recommendations on how to improve the reconciliation process in the Western Balkans and Turkey and strengthen the role of civil society.


Mirjana Adamović
Anja Gvozdanović
Marko Kovačić
– all from the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (ISRZ), Croatia –

“I think that reconciliation should be considered on a somewhat lower level than is the case in politics. There is much more chance of success in joint sports events, music festivals […] where people simply do things they enjoy, get in contact with participants from other countries and see that the differences are not so great […].”

Citizen from Belgrade