Seminar “Prejudice-Aware Education”

Individually tailored to the needs of your organization or company, this seminar expands the skills and horizons of your employees* to prejudice-conscious education.

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Target group

Organizations and companies of all kinds

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Learning to deal with diversity confidently

Encounter of individuals with different biographies, attitudes, personalities and cultural imprints give rise to new challenges in the daily interaction with each other. Within the scope of the advanced training offers of the IZ Academy, participants develop different possibilities for action which prepare them for a multifaceted daily life – in their working environment, as volunteers or simply when dealing with their direct environment.

Individually adaptable

Depending on the needs and interests of the participants, the focus of the content is set in consultation with the IZ. The scope of the training (from a one-day seminar to a course) is agreed individually with the client.


flexible (day-long seminar to full course)

“All in all an interesting further education for me, has broadened my knowledge and my horizon”.
Feedback from the evaluation sheet, Neustart


(typically at the company or organization on site)

Prejudice-conscious education

Prejudices shape our perception and our coexistence. In the course of the seminar, participants get to know the concept of prejudice-conscious education, reflect their own prejudices and apply methods and approaches with regard to handling stereotypes. Practical exercises and methods stimulating self-reflection and promoting “non-judgmental” communication are central. Depending on the target group, prejudice-conscious materials for everyday school life or for working with youth groups will be presented.


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