Seminar “Intercultural Communication”

Individually tailored to the needs of your organization or company, this seminar expands the skills and horizons of your employees* on intercultural communication.

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Organizations and companies of all kinds

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Learning to deal with diversity confidently

The encounter of individuals with different life biographies, attitudes, personalities and cultural imprints creates new challenges in daily interaction with each other. As part of the IZ Academy’s training programs, participants develop options for action that make them fit for the diverse everyday world – both in the world of work and as volunteers or simply in dealing with their immediate environment.

Individually adaptable

Depending on the needs and interests of the participants, the focus of the content is set in consultation with the IZ. The scope of the training (from a one-day seminar to a course) is agreed individually with the client.


(from day seminars to longer courses)

“All in all, the course was very varied, with a lot of professionalism, information and exercises.”
Feedback from the evaluation form, Neustart


(typically at the company or organization on site)

Topic: Intercultural Communication

Time and again we experience intercultural misunderstandings due to communication problems and language barriers. Specific skills are required to successfully shape interactions in an intercultural environment. In group and individual work, communicative and intercultural challenges and differences are addressed and at the same time made tangible through practical exercises. The participants strengthen their communicative skills (e.g. active listening, ego messages).

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