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within the framework of the project “South Caucasus – A Part of Europe

funded by the European Commission

Impressions of young people

In the course of the project “South Caucasus – Part of Europe”, young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania and Austria researched in their home countries on topics of special interest to them and produced numerous unique contributions. Four thematic areas have particularly inspired the young people: Stories and societies, the city and everyday life, love and friendship and last but not least dreams and plans. The IZ has collected the contributions and published a selection in a book entitled “On the Road: South Caucasus and Europe – Young Perspectives”.

Structure and content

The insights into the different realities of the five countries, all written in English, are illustrated by many expressive pictures that the young people themselves have captured. There are also contributions in video and audio format. Compact information on the history and current developments in the three countries in German can be found in the corresponding leaflets on Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


Daniela Mussnig, Joanna Pawlowska, Franjo Steiner

in cooperation with Association for Youth Non-Formal Education (Lithuania)