Handbook “International School Projects”

In this free handbook you’ll find tips, tools and examples on how to successfully organize international school projects

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within the framework of the project “aces – Academy of Central European Schools

Why international school projects?

Working together towards a common goal, broadening horizons and gaining intercultural experience – cross-border school projects offer teachers* and students* the unique opportunity to develop a variety of skills and competencies and to broaden the perspectives of their normal learning and working lives. This opening of the learning and school context is very inspiring and enriching for all involved.


This handbook provides information, tools, recommendations and examples of good practice that show what international school projects are all about. It will help you navigate successfully through the different phases of such a project, overcome challenges along the way and make the most of the results and learning experiences. Although this publication refers to projects carried out within the framework of aces – Academy of Central European Schools, the content is generally applicable to international school twinning projects.


Alice Scridon
Paola Bortini
Barbara Helm
Rüdiger Teutsch
Michaela Münster

School projects have great potential for both students and teachers. They offer young people the chance to actively participate, to contribute their own ideas and to develop a broad spectrum of skills.

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