EU Youth Conference in Vienna and other events in the youth sector during Austria’s EU Presidency

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From June to December 2018 Austria presided over the Council of the European Union. During the Presidency, the EU Youth Conference took place in Vienna from September 2 – 4. On behalf of the Federal Chancellery, IZ together with the Austrian National Youth Council was in charge of the coordination and execution of the conference and additional events in the youth sector.

The project Wir.Jetzt.Präsidentschaft contributed to achieving the general objectives of the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2002-2018). In addition, Europe-wide networking and the exchange between event participants stimulated the cooperation and knowledge transfer between the EU member states.

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EU Youth Conference: important input for EU-youth policy from 2019 onwards

During the EU Youth Conference over 240 youth delegates discussed the future of European youth policy with youth ministers and other politicians. The Youth Goals which had been developed by about 50.000 young people during the 6th Structured Dialogue were at the centre of the discussion. At the end of the conference, the findings were presented to President of Austria Van der Bellen, Federal Minister Bogner-Strauß and EU-commissioner Navracsics. More information on the outcomes of the conference can be found on the website of Youth Goals.

Structured Dialogue and the EU Youth Conference

The EU Youth Conference is an important part of the Structured Dialogue, securing political participation of the young and corresponding policy-making on EU level. By means of the Structured Dialogue, opinions and concerns are obtained and incorporated in the drafting of the European Youth Strategy. This process offers the unique chance to include young Europeans in the shaping of the future EU in the youth sector as well as in other areas of politics. For the first time, findings of this participatory process will influence the development of the future EU youth policy directly, ensuring that tangible results will be available quickly.

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Federal Chancellery – Ministry for Women, Families and Youth

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More information about the Youth Goals and the Youth Conference can be found on the conference website.


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Materials “Youth Goals”
Free materials about the European goals for a youth-friendly Europe of the future. The Youth Goals were created in 2018 within the framework of the Austrian EU Council Presidency.
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