Ein Trainingsprogramm für Freiwillige zur Verbesserung des kommunalen Zusammenlebens

, Education, Inclusion


January – October 2019

Since 2011 the IZ, together with local partners, has supported the local inclusion of disadvantaged children and their families in various regions of Armenia and Georgia. “VOICE – Volunteers for Open and Inclusive Communities for Everyone” is now developing a volunteer training program that empowers children and families to be active and responsible members of their schools and communities in improving community living.

The project builds on the successful implementation and results of the projects Common Kids (2011-2013), CHILD (2013-2015) and Speaking of Myself – Empowerment and Networking for Better Inclusion across Regions (2015-2017) supported by the Austrian Development Agency, In the course of these projects, the local inclusion of disadvantaged children and adolescents and their families through regular activities and educational offers in the communities (“community clubs”) and the creation of structures and cooperation with public institutions (schools, municipalities, ministries) in selected target regions in Armenia and Georgia are significantly improved. Through innovative education and training, children and young people have been empowered to play an active role in social life, to defend their rights and to realize their full potential.

Participating Countries:

Armenia und Georgia

Target group:

Disadvantaged children, youth and their families

“VOICE”, like its predecessor projects, is funded by the Open Society Foundations Education Support Program and is run by five local partner organizations (Union Beryllus, Liberta and Society Biliki in Georgia, and Bridge of Hope and Orran in Armenia).


Daniela Mussnig
Projektmanagerin | Telefon: +43 1 586 75 44-36 | E-Mail: daniela.mussnig@iz.or.at