National Agency for the European Solidarity Corps

Umsetzung des EU-Programms “Europäisches Solidaritätskorps” in Österreich, das das Engagement junger Menschen in Projekten und Aktivitäten fördert, die der Gemeinschaft zugutekommen

Europe, Youth


2018 – 2020

The European Solidarity Corps is a funding programme of the European Union. It supports young people’s engagement in projects and activities for the benefit of the community.

The Solidarity Corps offers young people (18 to 30 years) the opportunity to get involved in voluntary work in their own countries or abroad. Jobs and internships all over Europe are offered as well. In the framework of the Solidarity Corps, organisations and companies can recruit young people from all over Europe.

Applying for funding by the Solidarity Corpsis possible three times a year. Three funding channels are available.

Solidarity projects

Within solidarity projects young people implement their own ideas, thus influencing their communities in a positive way and making Europe tangible. No matter if they focus on environmental protection, neighbourly help or regional art and cultural activities, projects carried out by young people on a local level, providing for more solidarity and social cohesion, are funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

A group of at least 5 people aged 18 to 30 years who want to realize an idea together can set up a youth-led solidarity activity by themselves. Organisations have the possibility to support youth groups from their surroundings in implementing their Solidarity Projects.

Target groups:

Young people aged 18 to 30 years, socially committed organisations and companies


promotion of a social and diverse Europe, as well as of social cohesion by fostering young people’s solidarity across borders

Volunteering Projects

In the context of volunteering projects, organisations and companies can attract young, motivated people from all over Europe and its neighbouring countries to get involved in volunteering projects. The fields of application are manifold, from assisting in youth and culture centres, afternoon care and kindergarten, environment protection organisations, to retirement homes.

Every young person aged 18 to 30 years can apply for such a volunteering project. No expert knowledge or certificates are necessary. The learning experience of the volunteer and the benefit for the organisation, its clients and the local community are paramount.

Jobs & internships

Backed by the Solidarity Corps, Austrian organisations and companies can recruit young people from all over Europe and, in special cases, from Austria, or dispatch them and receive financial funding as well as access to a Europe-wide network and training opportunities.

Internships normally last two to six months. They aim to acquire practical and professional experience and should contribute to ease the transition to professional training or to regular employment. Organisations have to adhere to the guidelines of the quality framework for internships.

The funded jobs are full-time. The financial support is available for three months to a maximum of twelve months.

Funds available

1,25 billion Euros Europe-wide

Information & Advice

All details on funding opportunities and how to apply can be found on the ESK website.

There is a regional office in each federal state, which is responsible for application, information and advice on the program. This service is free for interested parties and potential applicants.

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