Aware and Active

Promote active citizenship and intercultural understanding among young people

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2016 – 2019

The project “Aware and Active” focusses on the value and meaning of a diverse society. Together with young people, activities and campaigns were developed, calling attention to the situation of refugees as well as human rights and the value of diversity all over Europe.

The project was started in 2016 under the leadership of IZ in cooperation with Erasmus+ National Agencies of Estonia, Finland, Italy, Macedonia and Slovenia. Additionally, the project is supported by the National Agencies of Germany, Belgium/Flanders, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovakia and Latvia, as well a POYWE (Professional Open Youth Work in Europe). The European Commission is funding the project through Erasmus+.

Target group

Young people in Europe


  • promoting actionistic potentials of European youngsters
  • promoting intercultural dialogue and appreciation of a diverse society in Europe
  • advancement of critical thinking and media competence of young people, youth workers and teaching personnel
  • faciliation of the access to the Erasmus+ programme and social inclusion through the participation of young refugees, migrants and asylum seekers
Semminarraum mit Menschen im Hintergrund, die verschiedene Pinnwände anschauen und miteinander sprechen. Im Vordergrund ein Holzschnitt des "Aware and Active" Logos
Junger Mann beim Projekt Aware and Active

Encouraging active citizenship and intercultural understanding

The project should encourage intercultural understanding and active citizenship of young people. Fundamental democratic values and human rights are conveyed while radicalisation and violence are actively prevented. The project enables young participants to get active themselves and use various communication channels for sharing their ideas of a just society with as many people as possible. The planned measures and activities aim to put a spotlight on youth work and show its contributions during the refugee crisis, the prevention of violent extremism and the imparting of democratic values. The main target group of the project consists of young people aged 16 to 30 years. It was ensured that young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers were included.

Youngsters realise their ideas

In so-called “Idea Labs” young participants developed ideas related to different sensitising activities and measures, calling attention to the situation of young refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Europe, as well as spreading the values of freedom, democracy, active citizenship, tolerance and anti-discrimination. In doing so, the young people got to know the main features of campaign work, critical thinking and critical media interaction. The best ideas received financial support in order to implement the sensitizing activities on a local, regional and national level. Eventually, in a central “European Ideas Lab” in Slovenia a Europe-wide campaign was creates, focussing on the topics of human rights and diversity.

Junge Frau beim Projekt Aware and Active
Junge Menschen beim Projekt Aware and Active

Young people build awareness through campaigns

All over Europe, over 20 activities took place to arouse interest for the topics of “Aware and Active”, reaching over 2000 people. In December 2018, six events in all of the participating countries were set up by the young people, drawing the attention of close to a million people to the campaign via social media channels due to a “Twitter storm” and various Facebook videos. In a last step, specific results of the campaign are compiled.

Involved youngsters and partners share project results with the youth sector

After three years of diverse activities, the results, challenges and insights of the project “Aware and Active” should be imparted. The main activities consisted of local, national and European “Idea Labs”, supporting young people in generating attention for inclusion and other topics important to them through their own campaigns. As an inclusive project, “Aware and Active” not only aims to communicate one’s own results, but to learn from others and to jointly create something new for the youth sector.

Junge Frau beim Projekt Aware and Active

Learn more

All information and results from the project can be found on the project website:

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