Migration, Flight & Asylum

The question of how we live together in the face of migration and flight affects the whole of society. We promote an appreciative approach to diversity in order to create a society based on solidarity in which all can develop their potential.

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Migration affects the whole society

Migration, flight and asylum are not marginal phenomena. They do not take place somewhere on the fringes of society, but in the middle of it. Because they will profoundly change our society in the long term – socially, spatially and culturally – they affect all of us and not just the immigrants. The question of how we live together in the face of migration and flight must therefore be addressed by all of us together.

Opportunity for society

For society, this is not only a task, but also an opportunity. If we face up to the reality of migration with all its problems, but also its potential, and create an active, forward-looking integration policy, this will lead to a development from which we all benefit in the long term. The result is a society characterized by cohesion and solidarity in which everyone can develop their potential.

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Appreciative handling of diversity

To achieve this goal, we must learn to treat diversity with respect. This is why we at IC want to show that diversity is potential and opportunity. We encourage people to accept differences and guide them to discover and emphasize similarities in diversity. We also support people in dealing professionally with the tensions that naturally arise from diversity.

Creating encounters

Specifically, we work on projects in Germany and abroad that create encounters between people with different cultural backgrounds. We want to bring people into conversation so that they get to know each other on a personal level and experience diversity as something positive and enriching. This openness and esteem are then brought into the social discourse.

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Intercultural education

We also offer educational measures on intercultural topics. In interactive, non-formal seminars we offer space for reflection, sensitize for potential and problems around diversity and train a confident handling of interculturality. We also offer specialized training courses for people who work in intercultural fields and coach them in the concrete challenges they face in their daily work.

Accompany processes & support with intercultural challenges

Support for intercultural challenges is not only needed on an individual level. Therefore, we also accompany integration processes at local, regional and national level and advise on intercultural challenges and structural issues of diversity management.

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IZ Academy
The IZ offers experience-oriented and innovative training on topics from the areas of diversity, diversity competence and transculturality
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