IZ stands for an appreciative approach to social diversity. We see diversity as an opportunity and promote it in various projects.

01 Diversität Als Chance

Diversity is an opportunity

Diversity and plurality are part of our daily life. This diversity has the potential to enrich our lives and our society. At the same time, for many people to handle this plurality. Therefore, IZ works on models for dealing with diversity in a positive way in Austrian as well as in European society.

Diverse Projects

Diversity is an integral part of many of IZ’s projects, no matter if networking or lobbying for the rights of under-privileged children and young people in the Caucasus region or the building and coordination of a European research network, knowledge transfer in the form of courses and seminars or the execution and administration of EU funding programmes is concerned.

02 Vielfältige Projekte
03 Akzeptanz Von Unterschieden

Accepting differences


In our work, we concentrate on strengthening civil society through educational measures and to make positive use of the plurality of our society. In doing so, we contribute to mastering tensions which may be caused through diversity in a professional way. We encourage the acceptance of differences and emphasise commonalities in plurality.