Networks & funding bodies

Our work is made possible by many sponsors – and enriched by the cooperation in diverse networks and with numerous national and international partner organizations.


Logo Gesellschaftsklimabündnis


The Social Climate Alliance is committed to a positive social climate as well as to the recognition and appreciation of the diversity of lifestyles and world views that exist in society.

Logo AG Globale Verantwortung

AG Globale Verantwortung

The Working Group Global Responsibility is a working group for development and humanitarian aid as well as an umbrella organization for 35 Austrian NGOs from these areas.

Networking Inter Cultures (NIC)

Networking Inter Cultures wants to connect providers of intercultural education and enable exchange, coordination and joint reflection.

Logo Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is the platform for the involvement of civil society in the Eastern Partnership of the European Union. It aims to support European integration as well as reforms and democratic transformation in the partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The IZ is a member of the Forum and works in Working Group 4 – Contacts between People – on topics such as youth, education, culture and migration.

Logo No Hate Speech Movement

No Hate Speech Movement

On the initiative of the Council of Europe, the No Hate Speech Movement campaigns in over 40 countries against hate speech on the Internet and for respectful coexistence.

Logo Mittendrin - Gemeinsam engagiert für Österreich

Mittendrin – Gemeinsam engagiert für Österreich

Mittendrin – Gemeinsam engagiert für Österreich is an initiative of an independent people’s committee that wants to bring together committed people from Austria to meet future challenges with community and cohesion.

Partners & Funding Bodies