Yearly Reports

At the IZ we are working on numerous projects in different countries and with different orientations. What we do and what we have achieved in the past years can be read in our annual reports.

The reports are available in German only.

Annual Report 2020

Noch ist er nicht fertig, aber wir arbeiten daran. Bald findet ihr hier den Jahresbericht des IZ 2020.

Annual Report 2019

“Whether we train multipliers in our new IZ Academy or support small, civil society organizations in the Caucasus region – our goal is always to promote diversity, dialog and education in society through our work,” explains the management in its foreword to the 2019 Annual Report. The 2019 Annual Report shows exactly how the IZ has done this during the past year:

Annual Report 2018

“Everything new at the IZ?” – this question is asked by the management in their Preface to the Annual Report 2018. The 2018 Annual Report shows that a lot has indeed changed in the IZ over the past year – and that we are still largely the same as always:

Annual Report 2017

A year full of challenges and starts. Where the journey will take us after 30 years of IZ work will slowly become clear in 2017. With the organizational development process, the preparations for the European Solidarity Corps and the EU Council Presidency, three major successful processes have begun here.

Annual Report 2016

Relocation and new start with a view over Vienna – the new location for the IZ marks the year 2016 for the association. But at the same time we are also celebrating 20 years of European Voluntary Service here – a special achievement of the European Community. What else has happened can be found in the 2016 annual report:

Annual Report 2015

“We see diversity and diversity as an opportunity and a gain for society,” writes the IZ management in the foreword to the 2015 annual report.

2015 was the first year with a split IZ-management, we implemented the “Manyfold” project and launched the “Welcome Diversity” campaign. What else was going on, you’d best read for yourself – in the 2015 annual report: